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Shares Offered 2,339,200
Offer Amount $9,497,152.00
Total Expenses $1,513,292.98
They are a pharmaceutical company focused on innovative treatments within human
and animal oncology. Our product and product candidates utilize a proprietary,
nanoparticle formulation technology that is designed to facilitate the
administration of intravenously-delivered active pharmaceutical
without the addition of toxic solvents. We believe our formulation may result in
improved safety, efficacy and ease of administration over existing drugs. Our
initial development and commercialization efforts are focused on creating novel
formulations of well-established chemotherapeutic drugs that can be used for the
treatment of cancer in both humans and companion animals. We have four human
oncology product candidates in pre-clinical and/or clinical development, and two
veterinary oncology product candidates. We disclosed top-line Phase III data for
our lead human oncology product candidate in the fourth quarter of 2014. In
February 2014, we received conditional approval by the United States Food and
Drug Administration (“FDA”) for our initial veterinary oncology product.