VOYAGER THERAPEUTICS, INC. (VYGR)

Share Price 15.00-17.00
Shares Offered 4,687,500
Offer Amount $91,640,625.00
Total Expenses $2,050,000.00
They are a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on developing
life-changing treatments for patients suffering from severe diseases of the
central nervous system, or CNS. We focus on CNS diseases where we believe that
an adeno-associated virus, or AAV, gene therapy approach that either
or decreases the production of a specific protein can slow or reduce the
symptoms experienced by patients, and therefore have a clinically meaningful
impact. We have created a product engine that enables us to engineer, optimize,
manufacture and deliver our AAV-based gene therapies that have the potential to
provide durable efficacy following a single administration directly to the CNS.
Our product engine has rapidly generated programs for five CNS indications,
including advanced Parkinson's disease; a monogenic form of amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis, or a form of the disease caused by a single gene mutation;
Friedreich's ataxia; Huntington's disease; and spinal muscular atrophy. Our most
advanced clinical candidate, VY-AADC01, is being evaluated for the treatment of
advanced Parkinson's disease in an open-label, Phase 1b clinical trial with the
goal of generating human proof-of-concept data in the second half of 2016. Our
founders and members of our management team have extensive experience in drug
discovery and development and have pioneered significant advances within the
fields of AAV gene therapy and neuroscience.

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