Highway straight in “Safety Haven”mode . .


   How I used to said in some of mine previous post.., –  “All gold everything “.


   As we expected after the votes in the United Kingdom most global market’s went south of heaven and deteriorated the price’s and value’s of almost every asset which could be traded in the stock market. Investors and institutions shift they’re capital from the stock market and currency market into the safety haven location, which is the commodity sector. So, as we speak about the commodity sector and so-called safety heaven location, let’s take a look of those asset’s that they have increased they’re value from the beginning of this economic year. . 



The low-yield environment globally, and increased volatility in the financial markets as a result of a number of key geopolitical developments, have increased the appeal of gold as an investment and safe-haven asset respectively.  




Bullion has benefited as the post-Brexit vote turbulence in financial markets added to speculation that global central banks may act to boost stimulus, with interest rates in the U.S. set to remain low. Holdings in silver-backed exchange traded funds expanded to a record last month, and assets in gold ETFs are now at the highest since August 2013. Silver has jumped 47% this year, outpacing gold’s 27% advance. Funds have boosted their net-long futures and options positions in the two metals to the highest since the data began in 2006. 

As we can see technically the net share volume of bought $Silver and $Gold share’s are increasing monstrously . .

                   “There is a huge momentum in buying silver on the way up,”


Those who are a little bit reluctant to increase investment in gold are now flowing into the silver market which is very cheap. . .  

Market data – http://www.Nasdaq.com





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